Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Last presentation

Time passed so fast
It is my last presentation in this year
Topic is abortion
We planned to do sketch first
Bt song say she duno hw to act
(I think she act very good la, bcoz she is tvb actor in the future wo. haha~)
Finally we decide to do the talk show, like last sem what we do…
Video? table cloth? Water?
(Sf say bcoz we r mass com students so we ‘expert’ do such things):)

Let me think back my first presentation…
Topic is Game, a presentation that only me to present…
A bit nervous at that time….
Bt nw c bac the video, really funny,
No body movements stand like the wall, hand shaking, blank mind…
I still remember I have prepare a small game to my ‘audience’
B4 the game I gt tell wy, if no people knw the answer (game), pls help me to answer
So no need malu banyak…haha~
Although that game nt really good, bt the reaction of the audience is ok la~

Hope next semester, next presentation,
Can do better than this semester
No nervous, hand shaking, blank mind….

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